Salt Lamps ROCK

BUY A HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP! They are truly the best. Period. I came across an article about them on Facebook and realized, oh this would make an excellent “Compassion Heals” post! I have one myself and not only is it a wonderful mood light, but the salt lamp makes me feel happy and relaxed. Definitely … More Salt Lamps ROCK

Book Review: “Shadow Before Dawn” by Teal Swan!

I received Teal Swan’s book “Shadows Before Dawn” for Valentine’s day! Teal Swan is my favourite spiritual teacher because I admire her authenticity and I strongly align with her perspective of spirituality. She has a website, blog, Youtube channel, and several books. Her book, “Shadows Before Dawn” focuses on giving tools needed to teach others … More Book Review: “Shadow Before Dawn” by Teal Swan!

Love is Love: Vancouver Pride

This last weekend, I gladly participated in the celebration of Canada’s equality for everyone, regardless of sexuality or gender identity. Most people don’t know this about myself, but I identify as pansexual (gender-blind: sex and gender is insignificant for attraction or love) and genderfluid (ability to fluctuate among genders). When I experienced my spiritual awakening, … More Love is Love: Vancouver Pride