Thanksvegan Ideas

HAPPY ALMOST THANKSVEGAN EVERYONE Welcome veg-friends! As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought of posting what I plan on making for the special occasion. These are all fantastic recipes that vegans and non-vegans alike will love and enjoy. These are some ideas to help inspire you in case you’re at a lost for … More Thanksvegan Ideas

Salt Lamps ROCK

BUY A HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP! They are truly the best. Period. I came across an article about them on Facebook and realized, oh this would make an excellent “Compassion Heals” post! I have one myself and not only is it a wonderful mood light, but the salt lamp makes me feel happy and relaxed. Definitely … More Salt Lamps ROCK

Got Milk…Almond Milk? Pour it Over the BEST Cereal Ever!

Good morning, everyone! Have you seen these new jugs of “Almond Fresh” almond milk? I mean they REALLY look like dairy milk jugs! I usually drink so much almond milk anyway, so now I don’t have to buy two cartons….or four…or Costco size. What a blessing from the universe. Be warned, if you haven’t used … More Got Milk…Almond Milk? Pour it Over the BEST Cereal Ever!