Crystals of Compassion

Thank you for visiting Crystals of Compassion! This blog focuses on the idea that spirituality and veganism are interconnected—both are important in becoming a balanced individual. Posts will include accessing spiritual insights, encouragement to eat compassionately, or a combination of both. Other sections of my blog have more specialized themes and information about each one is provided below. Enjoy!


Compassion Heals: Eating a vegan diet is cleansing for body; not only does it heal the physical body, but the spiritual body as well. Coming from personal experience, I was unaware that I had suffered from severe anxiety most of my life until I become vegan. Eating a vegan diet allowed me to connect to my higher-self which made realize that I needed help. This was a tremendous breakthrough for healing and I am now able to manage my anxiety more effectively. My partner Clark supported me through my healing journey and since he is a huge advocate for defeating stigma against mental illness, he is responsible for posting content on this page. This content will focus on encouraging positive mental health through a vegan lifestyle. (Disclaimer: We promote healing through an alternative method to prescription medication. This information comes from our personal experience and research, but we are not medical professionals. Please take this information as advice as we are not a replacement for your medical physician.)

Roses of Compassion: Roses of Compassion is a page of blessings for animals who have passed on from this Earth. In the span of their soul’s life, Earth is only a small fraction of time and even though these animals are now at peace, there is something to learn from their experience. Since all life is one, this is a great section to connect with their personal stories. If you would like to see a personal blessing posted, I encourage you to email me a brief story about an animal you know who has passed on.

Compassionate Recipes: Before I became vegan, I never enjoyed cooking. I’m a university student who just wanted to make something quick as possible to stop the rumbling in my tummy. Though when I went vegan, I began to appreciate the incredible foods and flavours that came with the lifestyle. Not only was it was fun to experiment with new recipes, but I felt better too. Food is important to me because I feel that in order to live at higher vibration, we must eat compassionately. So in this section, I supply simple, delicious, and healthy recipes which make this vegan lifestyle easy for anyone!




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