Vegan Roasts for Thanksgiving

Tofurky Trot 2017

Thanksgiving is this Thursday! This massive United States celebration is centered around a tradition of eating turkey which sadly involves an immense amount of animal suffering. According to Farm Sanctuary, it’s estimated that 46 million turkeys are slaughtered for Thanksgiving each year. Turkeys raised for food are packed tightly in filthy sheds, their beaks and toes are cut off with a hot metal blade to prevent aggressive behaviour, and they are bred to grow very large so quickly that their leg bones will break underneath them. The best way to help turkeys is by refusing to buy or eat them this holiday.

I know you’re probably thinking, “but I’d miss turkey…”. I understand feeling that way because I had thought vegetarians were missing out. However, I was crazy to think that because I never even liked turkey dinners! Now that I am vegan, I know how delicious these alternatives roasts are…. I was the one missing out! (: I am thankful for the wide selection of “turkey” roast options and these are some of my favourites:

Gardein Holiday Roast

You can always make your own veggie wellington roast too if you’re inspired to go the extra mile or have any dietary restrictions/allergies. If you don’t feel like cooking, there is always an option to order holiday roasts from vegan restaurants near you such as Veggie Grill. There are endless possibilities! I hope you enjoy these delicious alternatives and have a happy, compassionate Thanksgiving!


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