Powerful Documentary: Running For Good

Tonight, I watched such an inspirational and powerful documentary called Running for Good. The film stars Fiona Oakes, a recording breaking female marathon runner, as she runs a 250k race through the Sahara desert. She is determined to run long distance in order to obtain a platform to speak on behalf of farmed animals. After several brutal surgeries on her knee when she was young, she was told that she may never walk properly again–let alone running. Fiona expresses in the documentary that she may suffer when running, but it is not to the degree that animals experience. She is deeply passionate about her vegan lifestyle and even has her own sanctuary. Fiona pushes herself to speak up against cruelty, meanwhile, proving how beneficial eating vegan is for the body. I find this absolutely amazing and such a strange coincidence how I literally posted about my own personal experience being a vegan runner last week!!!! I encourage you to watch it because it really inspired me, I hope it does the same for you.

Watch the documentary here!

Purchase her vegan running shoes here!

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