The 7 Greatest Vegan Places in Las Vegas

This last weekend, I travelled to Las Vegas, Nevada to work at the Vegas VegFest. If you’re in Las Vegas at the end of September, I definitely recommend checking out the festival! If not, don’t worry… there are a ton of vegan options you can try anytime of the year! Las Vegas is truly becoming a vegan heaven and I LOVE all the vegan food in this city. There are many amazing places I could cover, but there are a few places I visit regularly. Here are my top 7 favorites in Las Vegas:



  1. Vegeway: VegeWay is a vegan fast food burger joint similar to In-N-Out (they even have a drive thru)! My favorite order includes a double vegan cheeseburger using a house-made patty, curly fries, and a chocolate milkshake. Eating there is a must!
  2. Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant: if you love Vegeway, you’ll love this! Chef Kenny is the creator of Vegeway and he has his own Asian restaurant which you can imagine is just as incredible. I really like the crispy “beef” and the pad thai!  
  3. Soho Sushi Burrito: the first time I tried a sushi burrito was in Las Vegas and now I always get it when I’m in town. The food here is pretty self explanatory, it’s a mix of a sushi roll and burrito! They have a few vegan options, but I love their “Vegan Lover” which includes Gardein Asada. 
  4. VegeNation: VegeNation is a great sit down restaurant in downtown Las Vegas which is entirely vegan! Their cauliflower buffalo wings are the best I’ve ever had. They also serve a fantastic “chicken” and waffle on the weekends!
  5. Perfect Scoop: this ice cream parlor has a variety of vegan ice cream flavors. They can even make a vegan ice cream sandwich using massive and soft vegan cookies! The best part is that they are open 24/7.
  6. Ronald’s Donuts: these are the best vegan donuts you will ever find! They are fluffy and simple. They truly taste like a non-vegan donut, you won’t be able to tell the difference. 
  7. Cinnaholic: an all vegan cinnamon roll place. They have other locations in the United States, but I seem to always visit a Cinnaholic when I’m in Las Vegas. My favorite cinnamon roll is topped with marshmallow or cake batter icing, cookie dough, and Oreo pieces!



Check out more vegan options in Las Vegas on Vegans Baby blog!

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