Animal Spirit Guide Card Reading (Pick 1 Card)

Hello, everyone! Today, I decided to do a card reading using my oracle card deck “Messages from Your Animal Spirit Guides” by Steven D. Farmer. I saw Devine Miracles use this deck for some of her readings and I really wanted to get my own deck because I just love animals soo much! I finally found it in a spiritual shop in Flagstaff, AZ on one of my work trips. Flagstaff, AZ is known to have plenty of energy sources and vortices, perfect for psychic readings. I absolutely loved the way Stargirl the Practical Witch on YouTube does her readings by having the viewer pick a card and so I was inspired to do the same!

Directions: Please pick ONE card that jumps out to you. Then, scroll down to the number associated with that card to get your reading. In this specific reading, your animal spirit guide will express what you need to hear right now.





  1. Humpback Whale. Music is essential to your healing and well-being, whether singing, playing an instrument, or listening. I’m sensing that this is a time of healing and reflection. I see a lot of stress in your life right now. It is not necessarily bad stress, just feels like you’re running around too much and you’re unhappy about it. You’re on the hamster wheel, always doing something and it never ends. What you need is a moment to lay down in bed and listen to some music. This will help relieve your stress and uplift your spirits.
  2. Tortoise. You’re too fragmented, so do whatever it takes to get grounded. I feel that you’re a very sweet individual who is kind and compassionate. I sense that you’re struggling with something internal. You’re facing a large choice or decision in life and you’re unsure what to do. There is a part of you that wants one thing and another part that wants something entirely different. The tortoise recommends meditating once day to check in with yourself and take time making this decision very slowly.  
  3. Walrus. Remain vigilant about the current situation: pay attention to signs and omens, and let them dictate your choices. I sense that you’re a tough, strong individual that has experienced so many challenges in your life. The walrus tells me that right now you’re choosing certain actions that are not leading you towards your goals in life. You’re swimming upstream, against the current. Instead, you should flow with the river, paying close attention to what the universe is telling you. Even if it may seem like you’re going in the opposite direction of your goals and dreams, trust the universe that you’re actually going the right way. 
  4. Weasel. Be silent, pay attention, and simply observe with your eyes, ears, and physical feelings what is happening inside and all around you. Right away, I see drama in your friend group. You may not realize this yet, but I feel that you’re deeply disturbed by it. You’re the in the middle of it all. Keep remaining neutral and quiet, listening to both sides. Pay attention to how your friends are interacting with each other and you, especially their actions. This will give you insight into how you want to proceed. Maybe through it, you’ll discover who really is a true friend. 

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