Is Shane Dawson Going Vegan???

Famous YouTuber, Shane Dawson, goes vegan for a day! Before you see what I have to say about it, watch the video first. Knowing Shane and his crazy non-vegan junk food videos, you’re probably just as surprised as I was! Scroll down when you have watched it (:

Did you watch it? Ok good, didn’t want to spoil it for you! Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Shane really looks like he might go vegan in the future!! There were so many seeds planted and pretty soon he’ll bloom into veganism in no time!

Seed Number 1: I appreciate that he took some time to research animal exploitation by watching videos on slaughterhouses. He almost cried, you can see it in his eyes! He’s starting to make the connection 🙂

Seed Number 2: After Shane tries the Impossible burger (which is absolutely amazing by the way…just try it at Crossroads Kitchen so it’s completely vegan. Though, I don’t blame Shane for messing up at all! What a stupid restaurant for putting dairy cheese on his burger!!!) he discusses with his boyfriend how strange it is that they love animals, but eat them too. 

Seed Number 3: Shane learns that veganism isn’t all healthy salads, but can be delicious vegan junk food. The kind of food he can get into!

Lastly, Shane mentions that he would slowly want to get into vegansim and possibly do a 7-day vegan challenge, which is crazy to think about! Crazy in a good way, mind you. It’s also really incredible that he recorded his thought process because if he does go vegan, he would be able to physically see his journey. Most of us vegans went through the same conflicted feelings, but don’t have proof of it. I’m just…as he would say…SHOOK because I never thought in a million years Shane Dawson would even think of going vegan. We need to convince him by showing him VEGAN TACO BELL 😀 Imagine how many followers he can influence if he does transition! I’m sure he has already made an impact on this video alone! If Shane goes vegan, we all will… but seriously, I am so happy to see this!!!

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