Met Mic the Vegan at L.A. VegFest!

Last week, friends and I went to the L.A. VegFest! I was a very happy camper. Why? Because 1. I got explore a vegfest as a patron (normally, I work at these kind of things) and 2. I got to meet Mic the Vegan, a vegan health vlogger on YouTube. But let’s rewind and start from the very beginning!


Vegan Future Shirt from Herbivore Clothing


I started the day by lookin’ stylish for this vegfest! I bought my first vegan shirt, besides the shirts I have from work, and so I obviously I wanted to show it off. I bought the “Vegan Future” shirt from Herbivore Clothing–I fell in love with the shirt the minute I saw it. I am also wearing a cute “Be Vegan” pig necklace from Animal Place. They no longer make those necklaces with the exactly same words, but they are still cute, plus all profit goes back to the animals on the sanctuary.





The vegfest is in the valley and that means it’s 10 degrees hotter than where I live in Long Beach, CA. There were many vendors and people, it was kind of overwhelming. Luckily, PETA was giving out free green paper fans that said “Kale Ya I’m Vegan”. Definitely needed to stay cool! Friends and I roamed around trying to look for lunch since we were all very hungry.



“Tuna” roll from Happy Elephant Vegan

Clark and I found a food stand from Happy Elephant Vegan and we immediately ran over there! “We MUST have their sushi!!!” No, we’re not insane (even though we secretly are). We discovered Happy Elephant Vegan, restaurant in Long Beach, had their doors shut down for good. We were upset to hear that a local, vegan restaurant had closed and we never got to try their sushi. We thought it had rose from the dead just for the vegfest, an opportunity we did not want to miss. Apparently, they are not actually closed, but instead moving to a bigger location! Close call, eh?


Doughnuts from Donut Friend



After we all filled our bellies with some real food, we got dessert. Duh! I’ve always wanted to try Donut Friend since I heard they were super duper amazing. And guess what……………………THEY WERE! Their classic vanilla sprinkle and the blueberry were my favourite. I’m sure there are so many more great ones. We all shared five doughnuts among us, however, my friend bought two extra just for himself! Definitely, worth it.




Mic the Vegan from YouTube

Finally, what I was most excited for, meeting Mic the Vegan! Mic is a vegan YouTube vlogger who debunks negative health myths about veganism with scientific evidence and research. At the vegfest, I first watched a Q&A panel with him and other YouTubers answering questions about vegan topics. I later got to meet him and ask him questions myself! He is a very intelligent and sociable person, I am so glad I was gifted the experience to meet him! Definitely, check out his YouTube channel, it’s helpful to know some solid evidence when non-vegans ask you questions relating to health 🙂



That was my day at the L.A. VegFest! I hope you enjoyed learning about my experience, and maybe you discovered some new vegan things along the way! Definitely check out a vegfest if you’re veg-curious because it’s a great way to learn more about veganism, get support and motivation, and try free samples of vegan goodies. Check out this list to find a vegfest in your area: VegFests Across the Country.


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