Tips to Ease Stress During Xmas

Christmas is around the corner and for many of us, this can be a stressful time! The holiday season is about finding the right gifts and spending buttloads of money on them, attending Christmas party after Christmas party, traveling to visit family, and of course dealing with family drama. But sometimes it’s just a matter of thinking SO much of others and not about ourselves, our well-being. No wonder why we are all manifesting colds this time of year, we’re all stressed out! Hopefully, these tips will help you feel a little more relaxed this holiday:



ONE – Take bubble baths. I’ve been obsessed with these lately, they are my favourite! They are a great way to sooth the muscles and melt away from the world. You can spiritually work through emotions and challenges that may arise. Baths leave you feeling relaxed which will help you fall asleep quicker which is great since sleep is extremely healing!


Chamomile Tea for Anxiety

TWO – Drink herbal tea. When it’s colder outside, it’s important energetically to keep our bodies warm. Herbal and green teas are a great way to warm our bodies while containing healing properties and antioxidants to repair our bodies from stress.


THREE – Eat your dark greens.  I know this one will probably hard for all of us, especially with all the yummy sweets around the holiday season. It’s easy to say we’re supposed to eat unhealthy during this time of year! But the truth is our bodies will conk out when we’re stressed out and eating poorly. Eating veggies will help your body fight sickness and stress, and all the fiber will help you feel energetic and less bloated. Whether you eat raw dark greens, add them in smoothies, make them into juice, or even just overload on the veggie platter at parties, make sure you get those greens!


FOUR – Knowing you are enough. It can feel like what you’re doing is NOT enough during the holidays. It always feels like you could buy more gifts for more gifts, donate more, spend more money on gifts, visit more parties, etc. Have an affirmation this year’s holiday season of “You ARE enough” to remember that you do not need to overextend yourself to meet those self-inflicted lofty expectations.




FIVE – Take naps. We probably all want to sleep more often now that the sun is setting at 4 pm and all the holiday shopping is wearing us out! So be sure to take naps when you feel you need one. They are a fantastic way to feel rejuvenated and at peace.


winter-2SIX – Do what feels right. If you don’t want to go to a holiday party, don’t go. If you want to set up a tree and decorate it, do that. If you want to stay home for Christmas, do that. Do you get my point? Don’t do anything that you feel you “should” do because it’s a tradition or that others want you to do. Make your own traditions and put yourself first! You’re important and if you’re happy, everyone around you will be as well 🙂 Christmas is supposed to be jolly!



SEVEN – Cuddle someone. Sometimes we all just need a hug! Plus, cuddles feel good and connect us to the ones we love. It’s a great way to remind them how much you care because in the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we tend to forget who is around us. Cuddle your partner, child, or companion animal. You could even cuddle a stuffed animal!


Hope you like my tips to ease some stress for this Christmas! Make sure to like and let me know what you like to do relax during the holiday season 🙂 Cheers everyone!

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