MOVED to Long Beach + Eating Vegan on the Road

My vegfriends, I moved my entire life down to Los Angeles, CA! Well…. Long Beach to be more specific! I moved South because I recently got a job for Animal Placeas I mentioned in my post last week. It was definitely a challenge to figure out where I want to live and coordinate a way to move all my personal items from Canada without flying (seems impossible, I know). I’ll give you the snap shots of my journey to my new home through a series of chronological events I experienced 🙂


  1. Narrowed Down Cities: The first step was to figure out where I want to live. All I’ve heard about L.A. was the fact it is dangerous because of the high levels of crime. So I had to figure out which neighbourhoods are safe within my budget. Turns out San Pedro and Long Beach were the only feasible places to live for me. Unfortunately, there weren’t many rentals available close to L.A., but I don’t mind the beach!
  2. Found an Apartment: I debated for a long time whether I should just find an apartment online, blitz down to L.A. for a weekend, or fly down for a couple days. I had a very short time window considering I didn’t want to spend tons of money securing a place months before I actually move in. I finally decided to spend the money to fly with my mother to help me search for an apartment. So I had THREE days to search for an apartment and secure it. Spent $400 on the trip, included round trip airfare for the two of us, hotel, and car rental. The universe was on our side! After hours of driving around and calling thousand property managers, in the 11th hour I secured a home in Long Beach–right by the beach!
  3. The Move From Hell: I have moved many times in my life, but this was by far the worst. I’ve moved at most a couple hours away, but this time was over the course of three days! I had returned to Vancouver from a vacation just to find out that all my moving plans had changed!!! I had relied on someone to help bring my personal items across the border and all the way to L.A.. Unfortunately, that person bailed on me last minute so instead, my mom and I drove a Penske truck. The plan was to drive 8 hours every day, which was a lot harder than I expected. Luckily, my mom and I saw some cute animals at rest stops which we gushed over. I also learned about how to eat vegan on the road (see below). But it wasn’t all fun and games, her and I fought a lot because the situation was very stressful since my friend bailed on me, plus lack of sleep! Finally, the arrival day came.
  4.  Turning House to Home: TONS of errands back and forth to Walmart. Buying. Returning. Buying…and returning… BUYING. Seriously, so much money thrown out the window. Literally! Bought so many drapes and they are expensive! Finally my apartment looks adorable, even if it just a studio apartment. Oh yes, not to mention I have a new and amazing mattress. It’s called a Dream Bed and man, is it dreamy.
  5. Additional Challenges: You really can’t transit well in Los Angeles area, so I needed a car. My mom help me find a car within the three days she helped me move. Has anyone else noticed that everything I’ve done for this move has all been within three days? Crrazzzyyy. Also, I had paid so many deposits. Literally when you move somewhere, you will have to pay double the amount for the first month even if it’s just filtered water for your house. Like what? I’m finally used to all the bills, but that did take awhile to get used to as well. Finally, I am all settled in 🙂



Here are some tips for eating vegan on the road, specifically for long distance travels!

  • Buy apples, oranges, bananas, and nuts from gas stations.
  • Order oatmeal from McDonald’s, substitute hot water for dairy.
  • Order chicken teriyaki rice bowl from Jack in the Box without the chicken.
  • Order from Taco Bell, many good vegan options there!
  • Try not to order french fries all the time, they will hurt your tummy 😦
  • Buy Odwalla unsweetened smoothies at gas stations. They are expensive, but totally worth it, especially if you eat a lot of french fries on the road.
  • Buy vegan granola bars in bulk beforehand.
  • Bring almond milk for free continental breakfasts at hotels.




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