A Flu Shot You Can MAKE Yourself

Flu shot season is here! However, before you run to the pharmacy consider these reasons to make your own from juice 🙂

  • Flu shots are not vegan and the medical industry does test on animals.
  • The specific flu strain in the shot is based off of a guess; the flu mutates quickly so the vaccine can quickly expire.
  • The flu shot contains several harmful unidentified ingredients.
  • One of the ingredients in a flu shot is mercury–YIKES!
  • Getting flu shots each year is exposing yourself to more and more dangerous strains of the flu.

Luckily, plants have healing powers by reducing inflammation and increasing your immune system! Check out FullyRaw’s Flu Shot on YouTube to make your own flu shot from home. Be kind to your body, especially during the upcoming stressful holidays!



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