I Started Working at Animal Place!

My Internship at Animal Place 2015
My Internship at Animal Place 2015

I am excited to announce that I have started working for the Northern California farmed animal sanctuary, Animal Place! My animal rights activism actually started there when I pursued their internship program in 2015.  The sanctuary is so special to me because not only have I learned so much about the issues in animal agriculture, but I have applied them to this blog. Now I advocate for hens who suffer on egg farms through a campaign called Brave the Cage.

I am the SoCal Brave the Cage Outreach Tour Coordinator
I am the SoCal Brave the Cage Outreach Tour Coordinator

I am the SoCal Brave the Cage Outreach Tour Coordinator! Essentially, I travel to different college campuses in the Southern California area teaching students about the facts of the egg industry. I have them step inside a human-sized battery cage to experience the intense confinement for 95% of the hens used for their eggs. Many students I interact with are open to learning about the conditions which these hens suffer and trying various egg alternative recipes.

In addition to visiting college campuses, I participate in VegFests. I sell vegan products from Animal Place’s Vegan Republic, the sanctuary’s all vegan store in Berkeley, CA. All the proceeds go back to the animals on the sanctuary, which is really great! VegFests are a lot of fun, it’s like vegan paradise. This job has been a wonderful experience so far and it will continue to be when I start traveling to different states!!


Me at the SoCal VegFest 2016

To tell you the truth, I honestly manifested this job without even knowing it, no joke. I used to tell my husband that I would love to have a career that would allow me to work from home, travel, and advocate for animals. I really didn’t think I would be able to obtain a job like that without having some experience under my belt. When I discovered this position was available, I was ecstatic, but nervous. A job that had everything I wanted and more, how could I not be nervous? I was nervous that I might not get the job of my dreams! I learned through my experience of applying for this position that the universe has a plan for you, but sometimes OTHER people have to go through lessons before you can move forward. In my experience, my husband had some spiritual healing to do before I was offered this job. This is because moving L.A. involved him as well, so each of us had to be spiritually aligned, not just me. It’s incredible how the universe works.

Another aspect that helped me spiritually manifest this job was that I ALWAYS reached for what I wanted and NEVER settled. I feel if you do this, the universe will always be in your favour. I encourage all my friends and family to follow their dreams, as should you! I’m excited to be living my dream helping all the farmed animals (especially cute, adorable chickens) by encouraging others to live vegan. What is your dream? Let me know in the comments below!




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