Post Election Pain

Hi, veg-friends and spiritual friends alike. This has been a very gloomy week for me since the election has deeply hurt my heart chakra. I am an empath, a strong one as a matter of fact, so I can feel all the sadness and fear of the citizens of this nation. I feel the need to write about this, vent my feelings, and come to some closure. I won’t lie, I am scared to express my thoughts on this matter because there is always someone who will disagree and criticize me for my beliefs. However, if you’re reading this and a follower of my blog, you probably understand that as we fight for animal rights and believe in spiritual energy, we encounter this on a daily basis. We are all strong, and channel this energy to advocate for what truly matters to us and our universe. That being said, this blog is a safe space to respect all humans (and non-humans) who are negatively impacted by this election.

Honestly, this blog post will be just me spilling my guts, and I’ll start by saying that I never expected Trump to become President. I don’t think many of us did. I have incredible psychic gifts where I can actually feel energy and make predictions, and I am usually always right. I strongly felt in my heart that our next President would be Clinton, I never doubted it. I am devastated that this was an exception; I feel deceived. Maybe that’s how you feel as well? I keep questioning why my gut feeling was wrong and wonder what is the positive spiritual intention? I wish I could tell you.

Tuesday morning I cried. I cried for the fact that all of this support for Trump proved to me that America hates humanity. I advocate for peace and compassion, so this was hard for me to swallow. I felt absolutely insane to have emotionally invested this much into the election, but I am happy to know I am not alone, others have cried with me.

Voting for Clinton meant more to me than electing a politician to run my country, I was cheering on my role model. She has ran for president once before, and despite defeat, she tried once more. So close to making history, the rug got swept from underneath her. I couldn’t contain my sadness when I listened to Hilary’s concession speech on the radio driving into work.

Hilary Clinton states, “I have spent my entire adult life fighting for what I believe in. I’ve had successes and I’ve had set-backs, sometimes really painful ones. Many of you are at the beginning of your professional, public, and political careers. You will have successes and set-backs too. This loss hurts, but please never stop believing that fighting for what’s right is worth it.”

This quote hit home for me because this is the reason why I look up to her. She continues to follow her heart, regardless what happens. I cannot explain spiritually why the election result is the way it is, but I can tell you that Hilary’s advice is valuable. I will always fight for my non-human, women, LBGTQ, coloured, spiritual and religious friends, and as should you.

I hope you can relate to this post, and perhaps feel a bit inspired. We all need time to grieve in order to come to a place of acceptance. However long that may be, it’s OK to feel the way you do.


If you’re interested in learning about Clinton’s and Trump’s aura, check out these spiritual videos.

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