The Reason Why I Stop Posting :(

Hello, everyone! It’s been a long, long time since I’ve posted on my blog. I have been wanting to and meaning to post, but I’ve had so much going on in my life, that it’s been impossible! Now that my life is starting to make some sense again, I want to get everyone up to speed. From now on, I will be posting “catch up” posts on Wednesday, and current posts on Saturday. There are some really great things that happened in my life that I would like to share with you all! Some of the Wednesday “catch up” posts will include:

  • Arbonne Product Review
  • Graduating University
  • My New Job at Animal Place
  • My All Vegan Wedding
  • My Honeymoon: Eating Vegan in Mexico
  • My New Home in L.A.

Current posts will include current and upcoming events, like Thanksgiving! I am greatly looking forward to updating everyone about my life, I hope you are as well. Most of all, I am happy to be back on my blog. I’ll write again on Wednesday, peace my veg friends 🙂

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