Got Milk…Almond Milk? Pour it Over the BEST Cereal Ever!

Cereal and Milk

Good morning, everyone! Have you seen these new jugs of “Almond Fresh” almond milk? I mean they REALLY look like dairy milk jugs! I usually drink so much almond milk anyway, so now I don’t have to buy two cartons….or four…or Costco size. What a blessing from the universe. Be warned, if you haven’t used one of these jugs in a long time, it’s going to feel very bizarre or creepy, you may even feel omni again. Take it from my experience!

I also recently discovered a fantastic, delicious vegan and gluten-free cereal! You can pour this almond milk all over the Nature’s Path Organics, “Sunrise: Crunchy Maple”. It smells really strong and sweet, but it surprising doesn’t taste how it smells. It just tastes really good. Not too much like maple and my favourite part happens to be the crunchy corn puffs. Definitely is my new favourite cereal and I highly recommend you try it.

Eat vegan for the soul, my friends. Have a wonderful morning!


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