My Summer Favourites of 2016

Okanagan Cherries:

This summer alone, I’ve eaten well over 40lbs of cherries! They are just too good—truly nature’s candy! Here in Vancouver, we get wonderful local berries at very affordable prices. Cherry SummerThis year, the strawberries were not very good, but blueberries and cherries, from the Okanagan, were incredible. Last year, I died over the blueberries (even though they do taste better this year), however, I am head of heels for the cherries this time. Clark and I would buy two of those baggies and eat them all in one day! The price was good with average of $2.99/lb and the lowest being $2.88/lb. Sadly, I think the cherry season is ending because prices are now up to $4.29/lb (keep in mind this is CAD). Well, maybe next year they will be just as good!

Vegan Nacho Popcorn:

My other favourite this summer is something not grown in nature ….but it’s completely vegan and entirely delicious! It’s called “nacho” popcorn, or as I call it, “not-ch-your popcorn” because I just want to eat it all for myself. I followed the recipe off the back Vegan Nacho Popcorn!of the Bob’s Red Mill Nutritional Yeast and it actually tastes like nacho Doritos chips! It’s much healthier though because you know all the ingredients, which are a bunch of spices/herbs (so no nasty long chemicals you can’t read), and you can control the amount of them you put in. You don’t even have to use salt! I have been using an air popper which doesn’t even use oil and pops all the kernels in under 5 minutes. I do use the tiniest amount of coconut oil just so all the spices stick to the popcorn. I highly recommend trying out this recipe and you can actually read the recipe from the link.

Like this post if you also love cherries (: comment if you have tried the recipe. I would love to know what you think! Keep eating vegan for your soul, my veg-friends!

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