Book Review: “Shadow Before Dawn” by Teal Swan!

Teal Swan
Teal Swan holding her book, “Shadows Before Dawn”

I received Teal Swan’s book “Shadows Before Dawn” for Valentine’s day! Teal Swan is my favourite spiritual teacher because I admire her authenticity and I strongly align with her perspective of spirituality. She has a website, blog, Youtube channel, and several books. Her book, “Shadows Before Dawn” focuses on giving tools needed to teach others self-love. Self-hate originates in our childhood when our caregivers shamed us or neglected our emotional needs. These unresolved childhood neglect, which are buried in our shadows, leads to emotional pain and physical aliments in our adulthood . These tools are created by Teal herself because she too has experienced childhood trauma, abuse, and shame. She found her own path for self-love and now shares her knowledge with others.

I started reading a good chunk of it already and even though I haven’t read all of it yet, I’m too excited NOT to share my perspective on it! As I said, I love Teal Swan’s perspective on spirituality and this book continues to validate this feeling. The first part of her book focuses on Teal’s own personal story regarding her childhood abuse. As an empath, it can be hard to stomach reading some of the traumas that she’s endured, but it’s definitely needed in the book. It explains how she got to a place of love for herself. She also feels that she needs to open her heart before she can ever expect others to open up.  The second part of her book consists of the list of self-love tools. I have attempted some of the tools and have found them very useful. One of my favourites is using the phrase, “What would someone who loves themselves do?” when confronted with a decision to make. I have also used “Mirror Talk” which involves talking to yourself in front of mirror (I know that sounds straightforward ahha). It feels awkward at first, but it’s a powerful tool to stop taking yourself for granted! I haven’t read through all of the tools yet, but sometimes it’s fun to let the universe decide for what I need to work on. I do this by randomly flipping to a page and paying attention to a phrase or paragraph which strongly resonates with me at that given moment. Trust me, sometimes doing this is very creepy because of how spot on it can be! Overall, her writing style is beautiful and the book is very clear to understand. I’ve been following Teal Swan for a long time now, but for those who haven’t, her perspective is easy to relate to. I highly recommend checking her out!

You can buy her book online or at any bookstores. Don’t forget to check her blog and Youtube:

Teal Swan’s Website/Blog

Teal Swan’s Youtube

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