Happy New Year 2016: Accomplish Your Goals With Time


Welcome to the new year!!! I want to briefly talk about disintegrating the illusion of time and instead use our perspective of it to our advantage. The new year is an excellent time to create reachable goals and start fresh as almost as if you’re a new person. I love this idea, however, even though it may appear to be a new starting point in our life, bad memories and/or fears may hold you back from accomplishing our new year’s resolutions. These bad memories are in fact very real in the sense that they are currently part of our present moment and we cannot simply escape them. In reality, I believe that time doesn’t exist because we can travel from previous memories, sit with the present moment, or envision possible future events. This can be problematic if bad memories cloud up your thoughts and feelings when you’re actively altering your behaviour in the present moment. We can use our perspective of time to our advantage though! I believe that we can see everyday as a new opportunity to change and when we do create a resolution, we have to integrate our past into our present moment in order to heal and our accomplish our goals more effectively. Ultimately, accomplishing a goal is most successful when one works on the physical AND mental aspects. Let’s take a look at an example:

An overweight person wishes to lose weight for this new year. They change their eat so they can start eating healthier and avoid processed foods and sugars. They also begin to go for walks almost everyday along with light exercises at home a couple times a week. They have scheduled themselves to progressively increase their exercise throughout the year to maximize their weight loss. This person has taken in the physical aspects in account, but the mental aspects are just as important. Spiritually, weight acts as a barrier to protect one-selves from harm. This person needs to evaluate what/why do they feel harmed and explore what bad memories initiated their eating habits. Loosing weight is not an easy process mentally either, this person should journal their feelings and pay attention to their emotional patterns as their body shifts. There are many other ways to approach the mental aspect, but this is just an example.

I hope this helps you accomplish your new year’s resolution for 2016! Keep in mind that every goal requires baby steps and integration from your past. Good luck and take care until next time!!! Love and light, my spiritual friends.

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