Krazy for Kale Smoothie Recipe

Krazy Kale Smoothie

I know I didn’t post “September Favourites”, but to be honest, I never really got into anything cool for the month of September. BESIDES THIS SMOOTHIE OF COURSE! This has to be my favourite smoothie because right now I’m krazy for kale!!! I drink it pretty much every morning for the past month and a half. Tell me what you think of it and as always, enjoy!


  • kale (or any other leafy greens like spinach)
  • orange juice
  • water
  • frozen mango
  • 1 banana


  1. Fill the blender with your greens. I usually do 3 cups of kale, but that’s a lot if you’re not used to that much greens! So 1 or 2 cups might suit you.
  2. Add orange juice until it reaches half of the greens and dilute the rest with water. You could skip the orange juice, but it actually gives the smoothie a sweet tangy taste which mostly overpowers the greens. It’s perfect if you’re not used to drinking green smoothies.
  3. Add about a cup of frozen mango and the banana.
  4. Blend starting from slow and work your way up to fast!
  5. Pour and serve! (Serves 1-2)

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