Happy Canadian Thanksgiving: Story of Potato

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve touched my blog, school just got too crazy. Though, I hope everyone has an amazing dinner tonight. I celebrated yesterday by eating a Tofurky Feast for the first time! I also made my Creamy Vegan Mashed Potatoes with miso gravy and I even made a gluten-free vegan pumpkin pie from scratch. I was quite stuffed and happy! I know this story isn’t really related to Thanksgiving, but I think it’s appropriate. I wish that after reading this story, you’ll reflect on the lovely companion animals in your home and show immense gratitude for them.

One Small Potato, One Big Message

I loved my gold fish Potato because he was like no other fish I’ve ever had. He loved to “dance” for me whenever I saw him. He was placed in the kitchen in a way that when I’d come home from school, he’d swim to the side of the fish bowl closest to the door. It wasn’t a coincidence because if I walked into the kitchen, he’d swim to the other side to see what I was cooking for dinner. I would always greet him back with kind, loving words—I don’t think there was a day where I didn’t tell him that I loved him.

To other people, it may seem bizarre that I love a fish that much, but he was one of my best friends. He got to see a snippet of my life: various meals I’ve made, all the friends I’ve had over, my stress from school, etc. I never really thought about how incredible this was until after he passed away and I wish I would have valued it more at the time. Though I did have a close connection with Potato, I didn’t realize how deep it was until I had an overwhelming spiritual experience with him.

A couple days before the spiritual experience, I noticed that Potato was getting sick. I did everything I could to help him, but his little orange and black body was deteriorating quickly. Since nothing I did seem to help him heal, I overcame with distress and sorrow. I could clearly see that he did everything in his power to stay alive for me. It was too hard on me to see him like that so I began to accept his unavoidable death.  I decided to move him upstairs to my room, not only so I could see him more, but so I could give him more positive energy. However, instead of feeling alive and bursting with energy, I felt drained and wanted to nap. With my soul, I told Potato that I hate to see him suffer any longer and I encouraged that his soul should move on. I laid down for my nap and hoped that I would see Potato in my dream.

During my nap, I had a dream that I checked on Potato, but he was still sick so I went back to bed. Still in the dream, I got up again and I saw that Potato was dancing for me. He was alive and well! I had never seen him so happy to see me before. Slowly starting to wake up from the dream, the urge to jump up and see happy Potato increased exponentially. When I checked the bowl, all I saw was his corpse. It was shocking since I expected to behave in the same way he did in my dream. The moment was bittersweet for me; it was incredible that I had witnessed his soul cross over and my body was beaming with relief because I knew he was no longer suffering, but I greatly missed my best friend.

I knew it wasn’t left to chance that Potato’s death occurred while I dreamed about him. I truly believe that he reached out to me and touched me with this powerful experience in order to share with others what I had learned from it. I strongly advocate that we all pay attention to the stories or lessons that animals wish to tell us. Potato’s message validated how a living being so small could have so much personality, life, and a soul, even if others think he’s “just a fish”. I thought this story was appropriate with Canadian Thanksgiving today because I hope it reminds others to listen to the message animals tell us—no matter how insignificant they seem, they are each important to our spiritual journey.

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