Tacos & Owls?!?

I wanted to share something fun I did over the weekend and of course, by my pictures,  it involves tacos and owls! On Saturday, I went to OWL, a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Delta for orphaned and injured birds like owls, eagles, falcons, and hawks.  They take in birds and care for them until they can be released back into the wilTacos & Owlsd (if possible).  They do not keep any animals unless a bird cannot fly or catch their own food. I loved their mission because I feel it’s important to take care of these incredible birds who play important role in nature.

This weekend, I went to their open house so I got to meet all the adorable birds and saw parts of the rehabilitation centre that are not normally open to the public. I even got to see a golden eagle released back into nature which was a really neat experience becauseOWL owls (1) I got the opportunity to witness a being experiencing freedom once again. For fun, I even brought my stuffed owl named Taco with me! Everyone seemed to love her because people were pointing and smiling. I guess it’s not weird to carry around an owl when the whole place loves owls! I absolutely adored this place and I strongly recommend visiting.

Unfortunately, it was rainy day, but it was nice to come home to take off the soggy shoes and cook up some warm vegan food. In spirit of Taco, my stuffed owl, I made vegan tacos! There were two flavours: one was a tomato tofu style and the other, was BBQ yam! *Like this post if you want me to post the recipes for these yummy taco fillings. It was a fantastic way to end the day…and I’m sure Taco enjoyed it as well!


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