Touching Story About a Puppy Mill Mother

I stumbled upon this really touching story about a rescued puppy mill mother. This story is about a dog, named Lil Olive, who was rescued from a puppy mill. Humans used her body to breed puppies; constantly impregnating her and taking away her babies. All simply so another human can have a puppy of a specific breed.

Even before I knew about the cruelty of the puppy mill industry, I always favoured the idea of rescuing a dog over purchasing one from a breeder. But emotionally, this story took me to a whole another level. Granted I have never researched much about puppy mills, but I realized how much this story resembled the cruelty inflicted on farm animals in animal agriculture. Her life is very similar to the millions of dairy cows who experience the same fate of pain and suffering. Likewise, there are probably millions of puppy mill mothers just like her. This story speaks out to me because I would never imagine my rescued dogs to endure this life of pain and I believe others would agree with me. Lil Olive’s life made me realize the degree of abuse on all animals, even the animals who are seen as loved in my society. I also feel so much sympathy for all the mothers in every industry and I really hope that others, especially mothers themselves, understand this pain and do their best to avoid nasty industries which abuse animals, like puppy mills.

May Lil Olive rest in peace.

If you like to read her story, you may click here! I did not take any of the pictures, may credit be given to the Sandra Rouse Photography.

lil olive puppy mill mother

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