A Safety Place is a MUST for Anyone!

A safety space is a designated place that you feel you can go to when you’re feeling unsafe and/or having destructive thoughts. These thoughts could be from depression, anxiety, or even general stress. Everyone should designate a safety space in the chance there might be future suicidal or self harm inflicting thoughts. The safety space could be a room, garden, or even one’s bed.  It wouldn’t be a bad idea to come up with back up plans, just in case you cannot reach your primary safety space. For instance, if your space is your bed, but you’re driving far away from home, you could find a coffee shop and lock yourself in a private bathroom until you feel better. You could also associate certain items, that comfort you, to be in your safety space. This could be a crystal, blankets, stuffed animals, or anything you wish. This is because in this space, you’re free from out of control negative thoughts so this allows for breathing or other recovery techniques.  Or perhaps it may simply serve as a necessary break from the thoughts in your mind, allowing for a recharge.  Nevertheless, a safety space is very powerful for healing.

-Written by Clark

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