Autum is a Season of Spiritual Change

Spiritual Fall

I’ve noticed the leaves in Vancouver are already changing to a beautiful orange and rainstorms are starting to roll in. At first I was disappointed because this meant summer was coming to end and school will shortly begin, but now I see it as a chance to heal. I dreaded the thought of going back to school because I worry it’ll be exactly like last year, where I was ungodly miserable and loathing life. At least in this dimension, I can’t alter time so I’ll have to embrace the change, both on the physical external world and the change within my soul.  I feel guided to focus on my intention for this school year. I know I would like to tackle each challenge this year as an opportunity to stay grounded and confident, but I not fully confident in what I’ll set as my intention. I only have a week left before school begins, and I’ll like to use that time to connect to my higher-self to discover what I need to do in order to grow.

Fall is a season of spiritual change; a piece of the tree’s soul dies in order to regenerate a healthier version of itself. Spring is the season where that healthier version of the soul can flourish into something beautiful. However, do not underestimate the beauty of fall because change is beautiful in its own respect. In fact, all the seasons have elements of the universe threaded within the nature we observe. It’s such a shame that our society ignores this spiritual wisdom and neglects the oneness of all living beings on Earth, destroying our planet with it. Perhaps this is an excellent opportunity for us take notice of our world around us. To step out of our busy lives for just a moment and admire the change around us and within ourselves, brings us closer to the divine.

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