First Time Visiting Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary

First Time at Happy HerdI finally got a chance to visit The Happy Herd Farm Sanctuary, located in Greater Vancouver! I was surprised when I saw how small the sanctuary actually was, but I have to say that’s what made it great. There were chickens and ducks who roamed around everywhere, goats and sheep relaxed in the same area, a donkey and pig were best friends, and even the dogs protected and greeted their friends. Everyone got along as if they were one big happy family, or one big happy herd that is! I interacted with almost all the animals there. The goats were extremely cute because they jumped up on me in order to reach the branches of the cedar tree which they like to nibble on. I fed Lucy, the big pig, and cuddled with the cows. I did meet some humans too… I met two awesome volunteers and the owner of the sanctuary.  I adored this place so much and I really wish it was possible for me to volunteer. I’ll visit again, hopefully in the near future!

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