Rhythmic Breathing for Panicking, Anxiety, Stress, Relaxation, etc.

Hi, everyone! I would to share a good technique that could help you pull out of an anxiety attack or panic attack. This technique is great if you simply want to distress or  relax. The technique is called “Rhythmic Breathing,” and it serves as a loose meditation to help heal your mind in the moment of an attack. First, find a comfortable place to lie down. If lying down is not an option because of location, a comfy and supportive chair works too. Place one hand on your heart and another on your chest. Take a deep four second breath in, imagining the air has a healing blue glow. Hold in for another four seconds, and breathe out imagining your breath stained red with all your anxious thoughts. Repeat over again until you feel calm and that you have left your anxious mind behind.

-Written by Clark

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