I’m BACK! And I Tried Flotation Therapy for the First Time!

I finished my Philosophy paper on Animal Ethics and decided I really needed to relax. Luckily, massage therapy is covered under my university insurance so I called every place underneath the Vancouver sun that used it. BUT NOBODY PICKED THE PHONE SO I COULD MAKE AN APPOINTMENT (I was quite upset haha). Instead, I restored to searching Groupon for a killer deal. Came across a fantastic price for flotation therapy—something I’ve always wanted to try! Funny how the universe works like this. Flotation therapy is when you lay in such salty water that you actually float. The water is the same temperature as your skin, so you can’t tell where your skin meets the water. You basically just float in blackness to mediate and alleviate tension in your muscles and joints.

All my tension is in the upper shoulders and neck area. This area turned into a rock while I was writing my paper because I had slouched over my computer way too much.  I thought that area would feel more relaxed and it did, but to my surprise, I felt a ton of relief off the base of my spine. I never experience pain on that area so it was bizarre to feel relief there. It is my root chakra… it has to be. I know it’s very closed so I believe this experience was opening it, even just slightly. I’m really scared of opening the root chakra even though I know it’s needed to feel balanced. So there were periods where I felt incredibly scared, but I needed to experience that in order to heal. The more I worked through my feelings, the more the intense feeling seemed to fade.  Surely, my root chakra is still very closed—it will require a lot of work to open it. Though I understand more-so that I cannot neglect my basic needs. Flotation therapy is definitely something I’ll do again in the future!

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