Film Review on Unity

unity movie “Unity” is an educational documentary written and directed by Shaun Monson, the same writer and director of “Earthlings”. This documentary emphasizes the idea that if we awaken ourselves to acknowledge we’re all “Earthlings”, we realize that we’re all connected. To easily access unity for humanity, we ought to show compassion for our fellow humans, animals, and our environment. Hence the slogan of the film, “Human + Animal + Tree = Unity”.  These three elements are unified through different chapters, the “Cosmic”, “Mind”, “Body”, “Heart” and “Soul”. This documentary focuses on themes of peace, love, spirituality, and oneness. The idea of diminishing the “ego” and replacing it with compassion was another highlighted theme that appeared often. This is a perfect film for anyone who is interested in a general understanding of how these themes relate to one another. There are quite a few scenes which are heart breaking and some which are very disturbing. Sadly, there were hardly any scenes about the environment, but nevertheless the overall goal of the film was accomplished.  I would recommend this film for anyone who is vegan or vegetarian, spiritual, or simply curious about understanding the unity of these topics!

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