Summer Vacation: The Cleansing Mineral Bath House

My mom and I decided that we deserve a relaxing and cleansing spa treatment as part of our vacation! We went to these neat little place in Oregon called Carson Hot Springs where the bath house is built in an old hotel. We soaked in our own mineral enriched bath tub for 25 minutes and then had a hot blanket wrap afterwards. In general, I find water to be very cleansing for the soul, though mineral water adds an extra element of healing for the body! The hot blanket wrap is intended to aid in the excretion of toxins that are trapped in the body. That part was my favourite part because I meditated during it! It was a such a relaxing experience; I highly recommend going to this bath house if you’re ever taking a trip to Oregon.

Check out the hotel and spa here: Carson Hot Springs

The Benefits of their Mineral Water

Mineral Bath House

  • Potassium: Important in maintaining nerve impulses
  • Sodium: Increase cell wall permeability
  • Calcium: Bone strengthen, proper utilization of iron, assists in B12 absorption (vegans need this!)
  • Magnesium: Helps relaxation, activates enzymes for metabolism
  • Sulfate: Detoxifies and eliminates diseases, stimulates liver
  • Ammonia: Breaks down into nitrates
  • Phosphate: Assist protein production, maintains the regularity of  the body’s fluid


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