Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe!!!

Vegan ice cream sandwiches

On our camping trips, my family and I used to get what we called, “Camping Ice Cream”. This is an ice cream sandwich which has chocolate chip cookies that sandwich the vanilla ice cream. Like seriously, what better way to celebrate and enjoy summer than to have an ice cream sandwich?! Better yet, I’ve made a cruelty-free verison! It’s pretty easy… but fair warning, these babies are insanely sugary!

I used a cookie recipe from the blog Daily Rebecca: Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe . It’s seriously the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had and all my omnivore friends who try my cookies seem to enjoy them as well. I use coconut milk instead of almond milk though and I also use Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips because they are the most allergy-friendly and certified vegan. I highly suggest making smaller flat cookies because I made the big mistake of making large cookies! Trust me, your stomach will thank you! Allow the cookies to cool and then scoop some vanilla coconut ice cream on a cookie and then sandwich it with another one. That’s all! Enjoy your fabulous vegan ice cream sandwich!

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