VegFest Vancouver 2015!

Hey, veggie friends! Last weekend, was my first ever VegFest experience! I always seem to make too many commitments and so I was worried I wouldn’t be able to attend this one. You can’t image how stoked I was when I found out I was free that day!

The experience was definitely worthwhile! I volunteered for a couple hours with an organization who rescues rabbits, then I met up with my other activist friends, networked with different organizations, and who could forget all the amazing free samples I got to eat?! Organizations who had booths at VegFest Vancouver included Mercy for Animals, Liberation BC, Vancouver Humane Society, DXE, Animal Justice, Hearts on Noses Sanctuary, The Happy Herd, Rabbitat, Gardein, Pranin Organic, Indigo Age, Synergy, Earthsave Canada, and more!

I would highly recommend going to a VegFest in your area! Especially if you’re not vegan or vegetarian because it’s a great opportunity to experience flavourful cruelty-free food and meet compassionate, understanding people who have a lot of love for animals!


VegFest 2015

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