A Feather for Freedom

I’ve always had a spiritual attraction to birds, probably because I’m envious of their freedom and connection with the universe. After learning about animal agriculture, I became the most emphatic to the chickens. It’s twisted that a being who deserves freedom is now confined to a tiny cage crammed with six others just so we can take what is rightfully theirs. Some people think of chickens as “chickens” instead of beings, but I believe if someone interacted with chickens they might change their mind. They are magnificent creatures and I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE them! Unfortunately other people love them as well, but they love to eat them. I can understand that because I was once one of those people. When I was 12 and decided to cut out red meat from my diet, I thought that I was saving lives. Little did I know that the majority of animal lives killed are actually chickens—9 billion a year in just the U.S. alone! It took me longer than 6 years to get educated about this and I’m very regretful that I didn’t sooner. I guess I would like others to realize the impact we have on these incredible beings who simply deserve freedom just like us.

9 Billion Souls
Friends and I are standing outside a slaughter house

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