Are Your Chakras Open?

I came across this brief, but detailed quiz that one could take to test the openness of their chakras! This quiz intrigued me since I think that others can benefit from it. This is because I believe that having open chakras is an important part of living a more compassionate life. Opening a closed chakra is great way to connect with your higher-self and gain a more solid connection with our universe. For instance, an open heart chakra could make one feel more empathy towards the millions of animals who suffer each year. And actually, going vegan was a catalyst for opening my chakras! The information below (taken from the same website as the quiz) is a general overview of each chakra and which personality traits correspond to the chakra when it is either open, under-active, or over-active. Don’t forget to take the Chakra Quiz yourself and comment below on which chakra you would like to open!


crown chakra
Crown Chakra

About the Chakra: Wisdom

Open Chakra: Aware of the World

Under-active Chakra: Rigid Thinking

Over-active Chakra: Ignoring Needs


3rd Eye Chakra
3rd Eye Chakra

About the Chakra: Insight and Visualization

Open Chakra: Great Insight

Under-active Chakra: Rigid Thinking and Easily Confused

Over-active Chakra: Live in Fantasy Too Often


throat chakra
Throat Chakra

About the Chakra: Self-Expression

Open Chakra: No Issues with Self-Expression

Under-active Chakra: Introverted

Over-active Chakra: Speak Too Much



heart chakra
Heart Chakra

About the Chakra: Love and Kindness

Open Chakra: Compassionate

Under-active Chakra: Cold and Distant

Over-active Chakra: Suffocating Others with Love



navel chakra
Navel Chakra

About the Chakra: Asserting Yourself in a Group

Open Chakra: Confident and in Control

Under-active Chakra: Passive and In-decisive

Over-active Chakra: Domineering



sacral chakra
Sacral Chakra

About the Chakra: Emotions and Sexuality

Open Chakra: Free Flowing Emotions and Passionate

Under-active Chakra: Stiff and Unemotional

Over-active Chakra: Overally Emotional



root chakra
Root Chakra

About the Chakra: Physically Present

Open Chakra: Grounded and Secure

Under-active Chakra: Fearful or Nervous

Over-active Chakra: Materialistic and Resist Change

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