Get SuperBetter with a Video Game!

I just discovered a creative way to defeat mental illness! The other day I watched a TED Talk on how one can overcome any mental challenge from playing this video game. A video game? That’s right, you heard me correctly! I was a bit skeptically about it at first, but I signed up myself after watching the video. The purpose of the game is to build positive emotions, core strengths, will-power, focus, and support so that way you’ll have a “powerful boost” when you need it the most! The game is supported by science and is completely FREE!!! I’ll provide the website and the TED Talk video below so you learn more about it. Even if you would like to increase your general well-being, I encourage you to give it a try. When you join, feel free to add me as an ally: I hope your journey getting SuperBetter is a fantastic one!

SuperBetter Website

TED Talk

I would like to thank my friend Katy who brought this game to my attention.

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