Kiwi’s Gentle Soul

Photo kindly taken by my brother Grant
Photo kindly taken by my brother Grant

Kiwi was my family’s dog of many years and we’ll never forget her gentle soul. Her intelligence and loyalty astounded us which is why it was difficult to comprehend her unexpected death. I still question why she ran out onto the freeway and for awhile I blamed the invention of cars, but deep down I knew it was her time. Now I see her death as an opportunity for us to learn from her life experience on this planet.

Kiwi enjoyed anyone’s company; whether it was a human or another animal, she behaved accordingly. In other words, she was enthusiastic and energetic with adults and other dogs her size, but gentle around children and smaller dogs. As my mom and I always said, “It was like she knew”. One of my proudest moments was when she protected my bunnies from being attacked by another dog. From this, I felt as though her compassion extended to all life because her kindness radiated.

I believe that her soul teaches us what it means to have compassion with other living beings. Her adaptive behaviour with different beings reminds us that it’s important to read the energy of others before we act. We can learn from the stories of companion animals like Kiwi. May her beautiful soul rest in peace with the universe.

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