Our Choices Matter

Recently “Choices” by Nero happens to be one of my favourite songs. When I first heard this song, the lyrics instantly reminded me of the damage that animal agriculture has on our planet. Luckily, most of us have the choice to eat a plant-based diet. This diet is more beneficial for ourselves and for our … More Our Choices Matter

A Feather for Freedom

I’ve always had a spiritual attraction to birds, probably because I’m envious of their freedom and connection with the universe. After learning about animal agriculture, I became the most emphatic to the chickens. It’s twisted that a being who deserves freedom is now confined to a tiny cage crammed with six others just so we … More A Feather for Freedom

The Incredible Benefits of Chamomile Tea!

Promotes sleep Soothes Tummy Aches Reduces Stress and Anxiety Antibacterial: Fights Against Bacterial Related Illness Ant-inflammatory: Heals Wounds Quickly Soothes Menstrual Cramps Promotes Healthy Skin Antioxidant Supply Support or Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Potential to Fight or Prevent Cancer   I quite enjoy drink lavender chamomile tea because it’s soothing for my anxiety and … More The Incredible Benefits of Chamomile Tea!